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The Campomaggi Belt-Loop Distressed Leather Pouch: Days 2-4.

On day 2 with my Campomaggi leather pouch the big test came: Chiara’s soccer practice. I wore a pair of shorts, my ALDO leather belt, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt came to rest on pouch which remained visible. I tried covering the pouch with the t-shirt but it looked bad.

Campomaggi belt loop pouch

The phone, because it is such a tight fit, takes a while to get out, while putting it in is easy. I felt pretty comfortable, both in terms of looks and weight. It is possible to forget that you have a pouch hanging from your belt.

Also on day 2, I went to the grocery store, to Chiara’s dance recital, to the mall, and to a Barbeque. At the grocery store getting the wallet out and putting it back in was easy and rather convenient. I had to reach for my phone to take a few pictures at the barbeque and it is nice not to have to search for the pocket where I last put the phone. Also, I like that the phone is not in direct contact with my body any more. I did not get any comments all day, which is good.

On day 3, as I was driving, I realized that if I wear the pouch on the right, I have to sit further to the left to let the seat belt latch. I did not like that too much so I decided to test putting the pouch on the left. Doing that means that once the pouch is strapped, to remove it you have to remove your belt. There are no clips to make that process fast and I would not change that.

On day 4, at the office I wore the pouch on the left. I think that I like it on the left better because it allows me to sit like I normally do in the car. Since I normally take my wallet and phone out of my pockets and set them on my desk, it was nice to have the phone with me while I make progress on our quality control of the latest Campomaggi shipment.

I am getting used to my pouch. I like the closure and how it is starting to soften, making it easier to latch closed.

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