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Taking the Campani Campomaggi Logo Tote Bag for a Test Drive: the Beginning

The beginning of the CAMPANI test drive is actually the process of deciding which one Daniele and Emi are going to buy and share.

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While I was test driving the DANIELE distressed leather belt pouch by Campomaggi, we began to also test drive another bag: the CAMPANI Campomaggi Logo Canvas Tote. Unlike the DANIELE, which I wore on a daily basis, the CAMPANI is going to be used on week-ends and evenings because during the week I have my COLOMBO vertical messenger bag which is a better fit for transporting my tablet, my journal, and those few other things that I need to bring back and forth between home and the office.

Before we started the test drive we had to actually choose which color CAMPANI to buy. As you can see at the end of the video that documents the decision, this is our bag, not a bag that we are just test driving to let you know what we think of it and then sell it at a discounted/used price. The idea of selling “test-driven” bags is one of many ideas that cross my mind, yet have no support inside the executive management circle, nor within the technical capabilities of our web site.

I hope you enjoy this video and that it will help you choose your color. Of course it would have helped if we hadn’t already narrowed down the field from 5 to 3 colors. So if you need more information about the other colors, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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