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Shopping to Complement My Studded Leather Belt

The DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi is too nice to wear with any old clothes. Thanks to the help by Luca Manzoni I found Surface to Air at Frav in Porta Ticinese in Milan. I got a cool outfit to go with it but I still need shoes.

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The DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt doesn’t match any of the clothes I own. It’s too nice! It is a casual belt, but it can’t be worn with any pair of jeans. It needs a nice pair of jeans of the kind I have seen on well dressed people in Italy.

Luckily, I just happen to be in Italy, in Milan to be exact, my hometown and the hometown of Luca Manzoni, the guy who wears the coolest jeans in the world. So I asked him: “I’m trying to get a pair of really cool jeans. Do you have any suggestions?” Among his many suggestions I tried the last one and I immediately found something that I liked there: at Frav, a small shop near Porta Ticinese.

I got a pair from a French brand that was born in Toulouse and now lives in Paris: Surface to Air Clothing. I found a shirt by the same company that I really liked and, voila`, there is a new me.

Except for the shoes! I can’t wear my old shoes with this outfit!

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