Shirakawa-go: Worth a Visit!

View of Shirakawago
Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

When we went to Japan last summer, I had high hopes of being able to take and post photos on the go. Of course, reality was a bit different, and here I am, 7 months later, getting around to posting one photo from the trip. This was the view from atop a hill in Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in Gifu prefecture, this village was close enough for a day trip from Takayama, where we met with Mr. Dai Nagakura of Koito Pottery, our latest addition to the Marcopoloni family.

Shirakawa-go is famous for its historic farmhouses with steep thatched roofs, designed to combat the heavy snowfall they experience during the winter months. I’ve seen posters of Shirakawa-go covered in snow, and it seemed like a magical scene out of an old  Japanese fable …  I just might have to go back again and brave the cold!

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