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More New Campomaggi Bags and Accessories

We are always adding products to and right now we seem to have more new products than we can handle. Here are a studded shoulder bag with woven leather, a pochette with rivets, and a stunning credit card holder.

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I have to admit it, we are struggling to keep up. We have added six new Campomaggi products already this week and we have so many more to go! Oh, and did I mention that a big shipment is about to leave Italy?

So, let’s see what’s new. I will pick three products:


CERULLI woven leather studded shoulder bag
Everybody picked up this woven leather studded shoulder bag

The CERULLI Woven Leather Studded Shoulder Bag is the bag that I recall everyone who walked up to it would pick up. It is just very attractive.


CONTARINI studded leather pochette
Black leather with rivets

The CONTARINI Studded Leather Pochette looks great in black because of the contrast with the rivets.


MINO leather credit card holder
Credit card holder Campomaggi style

The MINO Credit Card Holder gets the job done in Campomaggi style. It doesn’t have a ton of pockets but it does have a ton of style.

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