Creativity meets practicality: Antartidee is Here

PERDITEMPO Waste of Time Wall Clock
The PERDITEMPO Wast of Time Wall Clock might, just might, address all productivity issues at the office. Or it might make them worse.

At the beginning of December we received our first shipment from Antartidee, the artisans who hand paint some extremely creative home decor items. We felt like kids in a candy store as¬†their products are so unique and beautiful that we wanted to take them all home for ourselves. Before placing the order, we had spent hours and hours trying to pick the items to order and ended up having to pass on so many of the things that we wanted–it was a bit sad. When the shipment finally arrived, we were able to stop ourselves from looting the boxes and focused on putting some of these treasures up on the website. It is a couple of weeks later now and we have six products available for sale. One even sold already!

For Marcopoloni, Antartidee represents an ideal artisan because their products are full of original inspiration (they are heavily copied around the world) and require the attention and skill of experienced artisans. Antartidee will also enrich the selection in the home/office section of our web site, something that we were looking to do for a while. So this addition represents an important milestone for Marcopoloni and we hope that you will enjoy Antartidee as much as we will!

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