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Brushed Leather Bags by Campomaggi

Marco Campomaggi figured out a new way to help you experience the emotion of the passage of time. His new line of brushed leather bags is very inspiring.

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Marco Campomaggi’s ambition is to create bags that help you experience the emotion of the passage of time. It is not enough that quality leather bags age so beautifully on their own. He wants you to experience it from the start and his new line of brushed leather bags is another example of bags that embody experience and character.

Part of the inspiration for the new line came from a reflection about the experience of a school boy who gets his first school satchel: “la cartella”. The satchel is one of his first valuable possessions and one that is very personal–not to be shared with anyone. The satchel becomes a companion who will share your fond memories. It’s in the satchel that you can protect some of your things.

My school desk had an opening where I could slide my satchel. Perhaps Marco had the same type of desk where, every day, multiple times a day, he would slide his cartella in and out. I bet that that motion inspired the way in which he now treats his bags to achieve the desired worn effect: the brushing of the leather against the metal in the same spots caused the satchel to age quickly wherever friction occurrred.

Marco sought a type of vegetable tanned leather that was introduced in Florence in the 1950s. This leather is strong and smooth and can definitely take plenty of brushing; its striking characteristic is its smell: it definitely reminds me of the leather products I used to smell as a child–something that most modern leathers only vaguely resemble. This choice of leather seems very fitting for the style.

The new brushed leather bags are starting to trickle in on the Marcopoloni web site. More information coming soon.

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