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A New Classic Campomaggi Shoulder Bag

The DORIA Studded Leather Bag is an instant classic in the Campomaggi lineup.

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DORIA Studded Shoulder Bag with Handles in Cognac

The DORIA Studded Shoulder Bag is an instant classic that fits well in the Campomaggi line of Rugged-Chic bags thanks to the very special way in which the rivets really accentuate the rich color of Campomaggi distressed leather: and that is true for all color variations. Both when it was presented and when it finally arrived five months later, I was very impressed with the DORIA’s looks and functionality.

The DORIA has a few defining features: first, if you fill it enough so that the side walls move further apart, the top will flatten out and the handles will line up, thus making it very easy to pick up the bag. Second, the leather strap is not removable but is adjustable. The strap is a beautiful complement to the bag and I find that the metal adjusting bracket ends up pretty close to end of the strap when you extend the strap to wear the bag cross-body. This avoids having the bracket rub against your shoulder. Finally, the stitched strips of leather that go from the bottom of the bag to the handles’ extremities complete the look with a style that is contemporary but unique.

One last note: Studded bags now also have studs on the edges of the Campomaggi logo leather label. And that looks great too.

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