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A Leather Bag with Super Powers

As a man, I find this bag irresistible. I can’t quite explain why, but I have never felt this way for a bag before. Take a look and see for yourself whether this is the most attractive ladies handbag you have ever seen.

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DOLCI TRIS Shearling and Distressed Leather Ladies Handbag
The DOLCI TRIS possesses an inexplicable magnetism.

I don’t write about ladies handbags very often, but this time I feel that I am qualified to give a man’s perspective about a bag that you may find interesting.

The DOLCI Tris is the third variation on a very versatile subject that has given us some of our best sellers, the DOLCI and the DOLCI BIS. I like those bags too, but the DOLCI TRIS has a special magnetism towards me that I had never felt before. The beautiful design, the studs, the distressed leather, and the shearling awaken some long-forgotten primordial instinct I did not know I had. I see pictures of a log cabin with a fireplace while it is snowing outside.

I’ll keep this post short as I think that my point is made: this is the sexiest bag I have ever seen.

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