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A Conversation with Caterina Lucchi (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)
Today business is growing very rapidly at a time when the great recession has negatively impacted growth for a lot of companies in the industry.

Because of this success Campomaggi and Caterina Lucchi have been selected by a european union body as the Italian small business that thrived during hard times through innovation and creativity. The award will be presented in the fall. The choice was definitely appropriate.

After getting Caterina’s take on her favorite leather bags the time came for me to say “goodbye.” The impression I got is that the ingredients of Caterina and Marco’s success are love, passion, hard work, creativity, and intuition. A list of ingredients that requires skill to nurture and amalgamate. As it turns out, Marco and Caterina know something about nurturing and mixing ingredients: the Campomaggi kitchen at home has room for two cooks and if their bags are the clue… dinner must be memorable.

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