My New Campomaggi Belt After One Week

Daniele and his DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi
Daniele and his Campomaggi collection: COLOMBO messenger bag, DANIELE belt loop pouch, and DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt

Last week I received my new Campomaggi belt. It looks amazing and I love it. The problem is that it is going to require, at a minimum, a pair of jeans that I love and looks amazing. Luckily, we are going to Italy next week and I have seen jeans there that definitely can stack up to a Campomaggi belt.

The other problems are: first, that it is not a belt that you wear with the boring shirts that I wear at work; and, second, I don’t want to draw attention to the muffin top that is starting to develop over my jeans.

So my new belt is causing me to pay attention to my figure and my wardrobe. I have been wearing it with the coolest clothes I have and have a few initial impressions to report.

First, it takes a while for the belt loop to loosen up and, at the beginning, it is rather laborious to undo the belt. So plan your rest breaks accordingly.
Second, I am wearing the belt on the tightest hole, which means that the extremity of the belt flaps around a bit and I have to tuck it into my pocket. Make sure to measure the distance from the belt buckle to the hole you use in a belt and let us know. We’ll be able to comment about the fit.
Third (and finally), there is a little patch without studs on the belt. This is designed to help the flap slide over the belt and under the pant’s belt loop. So make sure to position this patch below the pant’s belt loop to help make taking the belt on and off easier.

The New DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi

When I saw Alessandro wear the DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi I was struck, I have to admit it. Perhaps it was a sign that Marco’s creativity had finally won. To be more precise: I was already won over by the appeal of Campomaggi bags and accessories, but I never in my life said: “I have to get that” when I saw someone else wear something.

I have been saying how I had lost my sense of style when I left Italy more than 20 years ago and I recently started lamenting how it would be nice to get it back. Unfortunately, thanks to Facebook, a few photos surfaced that hint that I might never have had a sense of style. I’m just going to blame those photos on the Eighties and continue my quest to get my groove back–fully pretending that I once had it.

Here is a video of me, five months after having seen the belt, finally opening it up to see it. I will report how I like using it in my next post.

If you can’t view the video above you can see it on YouTube.

The Revolution Begins! (with our Zavatti backpacks)

Daniele and Anita posing with the backpacks for Revolution
Daniele and Anita pose with the actual backpacks that shipped to the set of the new NBC TV series, “Revolution”

Very recently, we received an order for two ZAVATTI leather backpacks from a brand new TV series, Revolution, written by Eric Kripke. For those of you who follow TV shows often, you might have seen his name written all over the credits of the extremely popular TV series Supernatural and the Boogeyman movies! Not only does Revolution have an amazing writer, Giancarlo Esposito is starring in it! Sounds familiar? Well, he plays a crucial role in the TV series, Breaking Bad (it’s such an awesome show if you haven’t seen it)!

We are all absolutely thrilled about this opportunity because this has the potential to give our name a big boost! Here at Marcopoloni, we strive to support the artisans who make all their products by hand. There is no machinery involved; Just humans utilizing their creative skills and talents! Revolution is a TV series about life after electricity no longer exists. Everyone is forced to live as they did before the industrial revolution. This means genuine handmade products (weapons, clothing, backpacks and bags *nudge nudge*, you name it!) all around and no machinery to mass produce anything ever again.

Marcopoloni is definitely the right place to look for a pre-industrial era themed backpack to use in the show. As you all know, Campomaggi’s rugged-chic distressed leather products emanates all that comes with age; Character, memories, and most importantly, the essence of the owner. The backpacks will look amazing when paired with the characters because they have such a rugged, “survivalist” image. However, the Revolution set put in the order for the ZAVATTIs when they have already filmed the trailers, previews and the initial few episodes. Hopefully we’ll get some exposure later on in the season, but who knows! Until we find out for sure, we’ll be kept in suspense about the ZAVATTI’s TV debut.

Welcome, Anita!

I am proud to announce that Anita Ly has decided to join our team to help with order fulfillment, customer service… and to wear every hat imaginable.

Anita is such a fast learner and fast typist (she holds the company record in both categories) that she is probably still unaware that we are going to just let her do everything around here. I really look forward to a long vacation.

If you e-mail us or call us, you will likely get an answer from Anita. She is doing a great job already so please give her a really hard time because so far all requests have been handled without a glitch and I am starting to look really bad in comparison. I should not be too surprised, in case I do take that vacation, if when I come back I’m asked to enjoy an early retirement.

Anita is also a great fit for our company: she understands our mission and is behind it 100%. What’s even more important is that she’s also a chef and I got a taste of it. If she keeps that up she will find all sorts of encouragement at Marcopoloni and will have a long and successful career here.

I almost forgot to mention that Anita is fluent in Cantonese. That means that, if you are feeling the urge to console her for having a coworker who writes such a silly blog post, you can do so in Cantonese and I will not have a clue as to what just happened.

Finally Anita is an excellent writer, which means that I might lose my readers to her. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming Anita with a thunderous round of applause and a cup of Cappuccino. Read Anita’s profile here.