True Artisanship

You Are What You Eat, Drink, Breathe, and Wear

When I turned 30 I started to realize that you really are what you eat. Soon, I understood that the impact of what you drink, breathe and wear on your body is just as important. To know what goes in, you really need to carefully select your sources and that is why I opt for handmade over canned-made any time I can.

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When someone first said to me: “You are what you eat” it made a lot of sense, but I did not know that it would become part of a belief set that affects so many of my decisions today. As I grew past my twenties, I started realizing that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted: junk food and excessive quantities of sweets and snacks is not what bodies are made of. Soon, I extended that realization to everything we ingest, breathe, and even come in contact with.

The feeling I get is that we are marketed things that are cheap for us and profitable for someone. So we end up consuming things that are cheaper and cheaper, and lower and lower in quality. This is not comforting when it comes to what defines our very essence and that is why I decided that only when you know what goes in it you really know what you get out of it. I defined the difference as the difference between “canned-made versus handmade.”

Whenever I can, I opt for handmade and enjoy the rewards for the extra effort. At home, I have become a passionate cook, with an eye for carefully selected ingredients. At work, I carefully choose the artisans from whom we buy the products we offer, and I enjoy their lasting quality and special feel.

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