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Why I Love Handmade Italian Leather Bags (Part 3)

Last week I claimed that Italian leather is world class but that it was not enough to cause me to love a bag. For that to happen, the artisan has to be passionate about working with the best leather on Earth.

If you search for Italian leather briefcases you will come across a multitude of designs by a multitude of suppliers. So what makes a leather briefcase so special that I would consider it worth loving? I set all the bags on my desk and let time do its magic. Eventually, some bags will speak out. If a briefcase doesn’t speak to me it is not a work of art and it is out: it can be handmade and made with the best Italian leather but it has no soul.

After eliminating the uninspiring, I turn to those bags worth owning that make me say: “wow, that is a nice briefcase”. There are many bags like these: my Affari by Vincenzo fits this description. I like how it is designed, I love its leather and the craftsmanship that put it together, and, most importantly, I feel like it is an elegant accessory and a practical way to carry my laptop for business.

Then there are the ultimate briefcases, the ones that make me fall in love. I can immediately think of two: the Documenti briefcase by Bojola and the Santarelli Italian leather briefcase by Marco Campomaggi. The Bojola bag is very classy: so much so that I really want to be seen with it. The Campomaggi briefcase is so good looking and masculine that it embodies how I want to look: it taps into my aspirations so well that I cannot resist it.

Awesome doesn’t happen by accident: it requires the love of a passionate artisan poured into it. I guess that I don’t love handmade Italian leather bags after all. What I love is awesome handmade Italian leather bags.
Italian leather briefcase

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