What is Marcopoloni?

Our goal is to bring people like you, who cherish and appreciate fine artistry, closer to the artisans who create them. Everything we offer is handmade by carefully-selected artisans who pour their love and pride into each piece of work.

Much as Marco Polo brought the Western world in contact with the treasures of the Far East in the late 13th century, Marcopoloni strives to put you in touch with beautiful handmade goods from around the world!

The Web Site Shuffle

When it comes to web site changes, I fight them off like the plague. My colleagues must think that my mission in life is to keep things the same. This is due to the fact that I learned a long time ago that no small change is a simple change. But this time it was different.

We created some of our product lines when we only had one artisan offering the type of product. For example, the first wallets we introduced were by Dionigi, but we called the product line “Men’s Wallets”, which made things difficult when we started adding wallets from other vendors.

So last week, we created new product lines, eliminated redundant ones, and merged a few, to come up with a more logical set. The benefit is that we now have more product lines like these: Gianni Miniature Leather Accessories, which gives you a single place where to find Gianni products with miniature accents.

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