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Sunflower Keychain Staff Review

Eliana's Leather Sunflower Keychain
My Leather Sunflower Keychain - Looking Better After Years of Use!

I fell in love with the GIRASOLE – Italian Leather Sunflower Keychain – the same day I joined Marcopoloni and had the chance to see these handmade creations in person. I really should say that that day I fell in love with almost all of Gianni’s leather key chains and many other products, but somehow the sunflower keychain was that first thing I wanted to get my hands on. A few days later I got to take one of these incredible leather miniatures to carry my new office keys –  and that is how I got my sunflower key chain!

The attention to detail is quite impressive, but what struck me since the first moment I saw these key chains was the idea of an artisan sewing them stich by stitch, entirely by hand. They are little. They are well done. They are pretty and unique. To me, these leather miniatures represent all the passion and love that a country like Italy (my country!) and its traditions are all about.

After seeing my sunflower, my sister asked me to send her a few of these key chains. And after her, my mom started collecting them!

For more than two years now I have been carrying and using my Girasole every day. I simply love the way its shape is not bulky at all, but at the same time it is so distinguished that it makes it extremely easy for me to find my office keys when I rummage through my purse.

It also looks great! The leather aged very well, the stitching that holds the leather pieces together is still in perfect condition, and overall the keychain doesn’t show any intention of abandoning me anytime soon! (Even if it did I probably wouldn’t let it go anyway!)

TIP: save yourself the time of trying to choose one favorite among Gianni’s novelty key chains, because you’ll soon realize that you can NOT own just one!

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2 replies on “Sunflower Keychain Staff Review”

Please tell me the price of the sunflower keychain . I am interested in buying about 60 for a wedding. Would you be able to give a discount if I order this large quantity
Cathy Letters

Hi Cathy, Gianni’s sunflower keychain goes for $15 including free shipping to anywhere in the US. For a quantity of 60 we can definitely offer a price break – however, the turnaround time will be about 2 months, as each one is carefully handmade in Italy! I’ll shoot you an email with the details.

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