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Planning my Visit to Murano

In early March I will be going to Murano where I will get to spend time with Maestro Imperio Rossi and learn more about the fascinating world of glass production in Murano. I will also be seeking anything related to Marco Polo although I don’t think there is anything there.

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In early March I am going to visit Maestro Imperio Rossi in Murano.  Going to Murano also means visiting Venice, the birthplace of Marco Polo who inspired our company name and our quest to bring artisans and those who appreciate their products together, across great distances.

As I wrote in my History of Murano Glass, the town of Murano has such a great artistic tradition in glass making that this feels like a pilgrimage to me. My goal is to get to know a lot more about the products that we have started adding last year. The production process is so complicated and there are so many glass types in use that one can always learn something new by going to Murano, and that is what I am very much looking forward to do.

I also hope to see products that I had not seen before that I will want to order and bring to our customers. If you are a fan of Maestro Imperio Rossi and his wonderful creations, make sure to contact me and I will make sure to look at your favorite Murano glass creations.

Finally, I hope to find out more about Marco Polo but, unfortunately, the house where his spent his youth burned down in 1598 (so moving the glass factories to Murano was not enough!) and there seems to be very little to commemorate his life in Venice.

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