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Permalinks and File Not Found

Last week we added permalinks to all of our products and a 404 page that is a lot more user friendly.

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Last week we made considerable progress with our Permalinks project. A permalink is a user friendly URL (web address) that actually means something to a human. For example, instead of pointing to the SANTARELLI briefcase (my favorite) using a link that means absolutely nothing, the new link is, which is a lot more readable.

We also created a friendly 404 error page. That is the “File Not Found” page that is displayed when a user tries to load a page that does not exist either due to an old bookmark, a bad link, or typing the wrong address. The page has alerted us that some search engines are still sending traffic to pages that we thought we had retired in 2004 or 2005! The good thing for our customers is that if they run into it, they will now know what is happening and will be able to continue browsing our web site.

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