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New Professional Messenger Bag by Giudi

The CENTRO professional messenger bag is a modern bag with a timeless design. Spending some time with it to write its description caused me to appreciate it more than expected.

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Friday I completed writing the product description for our new CENTRO professional messenger bag. When I write product descriptions, I want to make sure to spend a few weeks with it by my side every day at work so that I can develop a feeling and appreciation for the item I am going to write about. The CENTRO soon struck me for its professional appearance. Then I noticed that the leather was still very much alive: despite looking so smooth and professional it hadn’t been pressed down and reduced to a uniform surface. I could still spot and feel wrinkles that, along with its smell, proved to me that this leather once really did belong to a cow.

Then I got to dig a little deeper. I noticed all the pockets; the laptop/netbook/eReader/iPad bottomless partition; the handle; and the larger cell phone pocket that will accommodate my iPhone with its protective plastic case (something that most bags I viewed before did not allow). I soon realized that this bag was very up-to-date with the times. Timeless design coupled with modern functionality make a nice combination in a messenger bag. Finally two more details: the leather strap will be welcome by a lot of customers who demand it, and the bag’s ability to stand on its own is one of my pet peeves. How nice would it be to set the bag down while in line at the ticket counter and the bag just sits nicely, ready to be picked up when it is time to move on? (By the way, this attribute is not guaranteed to always work, but I tried it both when the bag was nearly empty and when it was fairly full with my netbook, water container, and wallet, and the CENTRO stood).

professional messenger bag by Giudi

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