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New Life for your Old Wallet

I think about this a lot. A changing lifestyle results in changing wallet needs.

When I became a father, I also went from having to carry four cards (ID, credit card, atm/debit card, and business credit card) to… a lot of cards. But those cards are non essential and get carried around just in case you make an emergency visit at Toys’R’Us and you would like to get that 10% discount.

Then my wife got a CARTA credit card case and I got a bit jealous. Even though snake embossed lilac leather is not my cup of tea in terms of leather styles, whenever she used it I would be wishing I had something like it.

So last month we got the MAZZETTA in stock and I was compelled to do some product testing on behalf of our customers. Here is what I think so far:

  1. I like it: the product looks good, feels good, and it fits in the COLOMBO messenger bag pocket.
  2. My wallet is a lot slimmer, which feels cool.
  3. 12 slots fill up fast. I think that the CARTA has more slots. 12 is good enough for me.
  4. I remembered to carry it! The one time I needed it during the last month I did not forget to carry my COLOMBO.
  5. It’s easy enough to use. It’s not as fast as getting a card out of your wallet, but it doesn’t matter that one time in a great while that you use it.

In conclusion, credit card cases are quite useful and can make a nice companion to your wallet. The drawback would be if you forget to carry it when you need it. I am waiting for that to happen to me.

MAZZETTA Credit Card Sleeve

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