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My Business Story Submitted, Awaiting Moderation

So after running into some inexplicable error messages over the weekend, we were finally able to get our video uploaded to My Business Story. It was a lot more work than the 1:40 video may lead you to believe, but I hope it was worth it. The video is now in “moderation”, and once approved, will be entered into a contest sponsored by AmEx and Google for a chance to win some pay per click advertising money!

Well, now that this project has been completed, I have to turn my attention to putting up all the new products that are not yet on the website, including Japanese pottery and Murano glass items!

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By emi

A Japanese native, Emi "emi"-grated to the States when she was 5 years old. She has a passion for traveling, photography, and the beautiful sport of football (or soccer, to some).

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