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Murano Pursues a Renaissance with Hotels

While Murano seeks a renaissance by building hotels, I am reminded of how great the commitment and skill of those murano glass craftsmen is. At Marcopoloni, we are commited to bringing these wonderful pieces of glass art to those who skip past the cheaper imitations.

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I read a good article on the New York Times about how Murano Pursues a Renaissance by building new hotels because Venice has run out of room.

And that is pretty much where the good news ended. The rest of the article documented what I saw when I went to Murano in March. The Murano glass industry is on the verge of dying. The 9/11 attacks caused demand for Murano Glass to tumble. Demand never recovered and worsened with the financial crisis. In the last decade a third of murano glass makers have closed their doors.

When I went to Murano, I was so saddened by the obvious decline that I cried and resolved to do what I can to preserve this millenary piece of Italian pride and tradition.

After meeting Maestro Imperio Rossi, his family, and the other people working at the furnace, Maestro Mario Costantini and Mauro, I realized that Murano Glass is the product of experience and commitment by people who dedicated their life to the art. I think that their survival is in the hands of their immense creativity and skill–and that gives me real hope.

At Marcopoloni, our commitment is and will be to add more and more products by Maestri Imperio Rossi and Mario Costantini. If you are looking for something that you don’t find in our catalog, please let us explore whether it can be custom ordered.

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