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Leather Roses Video Updated

Thanks to the feedback we have received, I have updated the leather roses video interview in which Gianni introduces his new product line of rose-shaped leather accessories for 2011. Gianni utilizes a technique that had been developed in Venice to mold leather to make theater masks in the 1700s.

Leather rose earrings

I think that this is a very creative way to make something that is really pretty. When I watch people try on the leather roses I think: “that really looks good!” and I am actually pretty surprised. I used to think that handmade bijoux was just another word for cheap-looking wannabe jewelry. “Excuse me, please!” In recent years, I have been noticing how much character can go into bijoux and I now admire people that can find and wear something that really adds to their appearance. I hope that Gianni’s leather roses will find the people that will make them shine. I am very curious to hear some feedback. Use the comment box below!

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