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Leather Roses

Leather roses are in great demand worldwide and, although they have been noticed by some, they seem to be the best kept secret in the United States.

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Yesterday morning I got to talk to Gianni. Besides talking about his upcoming vacation on the Aeolian Islands, our next trip to Japan, and a few details about our orders, I was pleased to hear that the Leather Roses product line introduced last summer has found favor among customers worldwide.

Demand has proven to be so high that he is really having to stay very focused about efficiency in production and has had to carefully manage the work assignments of all the artisans. The production process is quite unique and requires skill and experience so nothing can be left to chance or the number of orders waiting to be fulfilled will grow out of control.

I have gifted leather rose rings to a couple of female friends and they really like them. My wife, Emi, also wears one and I really am impressed by how good it looks. Even though our sales of leather roses took off faster than expected, I think that leather roses might just be the best kept secret in the United States!

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