I Dislike Leaf Blowers

I don’t like leaf blowers. Why are they used so much? Am I the only one to hate them?

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It’s Thursday, and like every Thursday and Monday in Fall I have to put up with the noisy fight between a few hundred leaves and the noisiest leaf blower known to mankind.

Let me get to my point: I hate leaf blowers and I love rakes.

I understand that the landscaping company that landscapes our office complex has probably signed a contract that they will do this… but it really seems unnecessary. Leaf blowers are extremely noisy, they kick up a lot of dust, and they consume more energy than, in my opinion, is worth consuming for what you get.

What is the benefit of a leaf blower? Do they really save time? Are landscapers that use leaf blowers really paid so much that there is an economic advantage in using them? Well, I’m sure that there is an economic advantage in using them otherwise they would not be around. Yet, sometimes I watch them in use and wonder if that gain is lost because of the methods employed by the people that actually use the leaf blowers. On many occasions I have seen them used to push the entire crop of leaves across the entire property. On others I have seen them used to clear a dusty patch, but the dust temporarily floats in the air only to settle on a wider area.

Last year I saw a guy rake leaves with a rake around a restaurant. I was waiting for someone so I got to experience the entire job. I was shocked that it got done in less than half an hour. I never thanked the guy for the pleasant half hour. I regret that.

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