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“Happy Easter”, or “Buona Pasqua” for the Italians out there!

I’ve been living in the States for 4 years now, and I tend to forget about those Italian holidays that are less important here or not celebrated at all. Easter, sadly, is one of those holidays.
In Italy Pasqua is the second most important religious holiday after Christmas. The Monday that follows is also a national holiday and everybody heads to the seaside with friends to kick off the warmer season.
There is a funny saying that goes like this: “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, which means that you have to spend Christmas with your family, but you can spend Easter with whoever you want.
For the most religious, the holiday is all about the passion of Christ as you can imagine, but the practice that EVERYBODY follows is giving a chocolate egg to the loved ones.
I’m talking about chocolate eggs that can be as small as a hand and as big as a room! They are usually wrapped in colorful foil paper like in the picture above, but you can find one for every taste and for sure one for every soccer team in the country!
Also, hidden inside each egg is a small gift. It could be as little as a plastic toy or as nice as a pair of silver earrings, depending on how luxurious and pricey you want it to get of course.
Easter lunch is just magic. Kids can’t wait to be done to open their eggs and for a moment, while you break into your egg, the chocolate cracks and you reach for your surprise, everybody feels like a kid again. And no matter what the surprise ends up being, that moment is magic!
Some people ask their local pastry shop to customize the egg and put a special surprise inside, such as an engagement ring or a pair of newborn shoes to let parents know they’ll be grandparents soon!
Problems do arise when the pastry shop boy messes it up, but you can be certain that the whole nation will be reading and laughing about it in the newspaper the following day!
As far as I’m concerned, I haven’t celebrated Easter for 4 years now. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t received any egg because around here you can only find some random-not-exciting-at-all chocolate eggs, and even my beloved Lindt doesn’t seem to care enough about the Italians out here to import some nice ones into the States. (Don’t bother to inquire about it, I already did!)
But not this year! This year I’m sooo getting my Easter egg!!!
Yes, I’m going home next month and my mum has already nixed that off her to-dos list! Pasqua will be long gone by then, so I will not have to buy any eggs for anyone, but I will receive mine. And since it’s been 4 years since the last one, it’ll be a nice one… are you jealous?!?

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