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Got the Best Birthday Surprise Gift

I had been missing this hat for over two years and always wondered where I might have lost it. Until Gianni included it in our last shipment after the hotel must have found it.

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The other day we got a shipment from Gianni and in it I found the most appreciated and most unexpected birthday gift imaginable.

We had last visited Gianni in Sicily in 2009. When it came time to say goodbye, I realized that I had left the dress shoes I really was going to need for my next meetings back in the hotel room. Because they had already made our room, it took us a long time to locate my shoes, we missed our bus by a minute and Gianni ended up having to take us all the way to Catania, more than two hours away. (Read the full story here).

It turns out that I had lost more that the shoes that day. My wife was loaning her precious 2002 World Cup hat that she bought in Japan when she got to go watch some of the games. This was the only hat that I would wear and I really meant to take good care of it. After our trip, we never saw the hat and thought it was lost for good until it popped out of the box we just opened.

All I can say is: “Thank you!!!” And I have to say that Gianni really has a way to make people like him!

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