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Dreamweaver is Currently Interacting with a Server

I am trying to code our integration with Fedex web services and I have to deal with “Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server” all the time. I mean: “ALL THE TIME”. When that is going on I cannot upload files and, in some cases, the entire application hangs… while it waits for the interaction with the server to be complete.

There are days when everything is fine, but now the problem is getting serious. I searched to see if anyone had a valid suggestion, or perhaps Adobe provided one. A lot of people are having the problem but so far I have found no valid suggestions and Adobe is not saying anything about it.

I am following a path in which I am always trying to tell Dreamweaver not to do anything at all, except work as a text editor and FTP files to the server. Unfortunately, I am unable to get that done, so I wonder what my options are. I tried their support site and Dreamweaver CS4 is the only version that does not have an update. I called support and it is not available without a paid plan.  I am too scared to install the software again. I feel that I will end up exceeding the number of licenses I have and will be locked out forever.

The lost productivity is becoming costly. Any suggestions for a cheap and simple HTML editor will be welcome.

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7 comments to Dreamweaver is Currently Interacting with a Server

  • Chris

    Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the exact same issue – and I cannot seem to find any answers — other than: don’t use DreamWeaver anymore . . . and I avoid it as much as I can, but I have a few sites that I really would like to keep it for . . .

    • No, I did not find a solution to this. I was able to reduce the frequency of the problem by disabling the preview of images in design view, stopping file management (check in and check out), and then I started using HTML-Kit on some computers. I removed all .lck files from the server and that has greatly reduced FTP activity. If you look at the FTP tab you will notice that the reason why this is going on might be that there always seems to be something going on with FTP, thus interacting with the web server. If you find a solution, please post!

  • I have the same problem. Have to end dreamweaver and reload. Dreamweaver has the worst FTP system I have seen in a product. I am starting to look for a new development system.

  • I agree, when the situation got to be constant I had to install HTML-Kit on one computer. Dreamweaver costs way too much to cause such problems and offer no support.

  • I 100% agree, complete and utter sh!t. It’s f%cking awful.

  • Cretu Teodor

    I have the exact same problem, and the solution would be to go in Manage sites and edit the ftp connection, but when i tried to click on Manage sites, the same error appears.I cannot change any info about ftp, this thing SUCKS at all!

  • It’s incredible how bad it is. I use version CS4 and there is no service updates for it. Microsoft software is better than that! What a joke.

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