Our Artisans and Their Products

Did you like your Christmas gifts?

We always welcome customer feedback because that is how we can let our artisans know how they are doing. Dionigi, Campomaggi, and Giudi elicited some interesting feedback as their product were Christmas gift favorites.

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Did you give or get a Marcopoloni product as a Christmas gift? We heard back from a handful of customers but would always like to gather even more feedback for our artisans. That is how we can make improvements and develop new ideas.

The products that generated the most feedback were the Freccia iPad Leather Bag and the Campomaggi leather bags. Our customers seem to be pretty enthusiastic about those. Emi got a Giudi credit card case, the CARTA. Since I have just a few credit card slots in my wallet (I bought it when I couldn’t dream of the number of cards that you get when you have a baby), I am starting to think that one of the new ones we are going to get from Giudi in the new year has my name on it.

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