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Campomaggi Teodorano on the Label

A few people I talk to were confused about the meaning of Campomaggi Teodorano as seen on Campomaggi bags. I solve that mystery and give my interpretation for the reason why the label was designed that way.

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Campomaggi Teodorano label
Campomaggi badge

I had found this out on the first day I held a Campomaggi bag, because they told me when I visited the Campomaggi offices in San Carlo di Cesena – yet, not everybody seems to know why the label on Campomaggi bags says: “Campomaggi Teodorano”.

Marco Campomaggi was born on 2/25/61 in Teodorano (in the province of Forlì, now Forlì-Cesena). For all those people who thought Mr. Campomaggi’s name was Teodorano, now you know.

Having solved the mystery, now I want to speculate as to why he created the label the way he did. I probably better ask Marco next time I talk to him, but this is what I think. The Campomaggi brand was started as a way to go back to his passion–what got him started designing bags when he was in high school.

By putting his birthplace and birthdate on the bags, I believe that Marco is telling us that these bags are his expression of what his soul inspires, something that was not born when he started making bags, but on the day and in the place where he was born.

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I love the badges that Marco puts on his bags. I prefer to call it a “badge”, because it is way more than a mere “label” to me. They’re like personalized license plates or little bracelets with your kids’ names on them – they give you that extra happiness and pride in ownership.

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