Added to My Christmas Wishlist: the New Sheepskin Shoulder Bag by Campomaggi

Sheepskin Shoulder Bag by Campomaggi
The New Sheepskin Shoulder Bag by Campomaggi

I had been eying this new bag by Campomaggi for quite some time. It spoke to me from the moment I saw it, and ever since then I would often picture us together – yes, as if I were in third grade imagining myself holding hands with that cute boy in class. Well, now that I have had the Abella bag on my desk for a few days (stroking, admiring, holding and smelling it at frequent intervals), I think I can get past the initial love-at-first-sight attraction and evaluate it on a deeper level.

In a way, this bag embodies the genius that is Marco Campomaggi: dynamic, evolving, progressive – and yet somehow timeless and unfaltering. It’s unlike any bag I have seen before, but somehow it feels very familiar and comforting. When Campomaggi first announced this new collection, I had my doubts about the use of montone (sheepskin) alongside the characteristic vacchetta leather that his fans have already come to love and expect. But the way the two materials come together, it’s a wonder why there are not more bags like this around … and again I am reminded of Marco’s exceptional vision and creativity as a designer.

This bag, by the way, does not have a very large opening, and one problem I have with these types of bags is that it becomes difficult to locate whatever it is that I need in a hurry. Whether it’s my cell phone ringing or my three-year-old shrieking for her pink hair tie, I need to be able to find what I’m looking for without emptying the entire contents of my bag on the floor. Marco seems to understand those concerns, as he designed not one, not two, but three separate compartments into this bag. This makes a huge difference – I know because I have tried it – knowing that the cell phone is in the first compartment while the wallet is in the second, for example, allowed me to quickly fish out the item in question without so much as looking into the bag. Also, the triple-gusset design adds sophistication and class, from a purely aesthetic point of view.

My favorite season is summer, but this year I find myself looking forward to the colder weather … just so I can (hopefully) start living happily ever after with my new Abella bag. Which, if my husband is reading, has been officially added to my Christmas wishlist.

Trying to claim a blog on Technorati

Today I was reading up on some tips and tricks for increasing inbound links to our site. I came across a good article (I have to go back and find the site, I will repost the link when I do), and one of the many tips talked about getting listed on Technorati.

I knew of Technorati but could not say that I was intimately familiar with how it works. After digging around a bit, I found that in order to get listed in their blog directory, you have to first “claim” the blog … fair enough. Wouldn’t want another entity posing as us now, would we??

To claim a blog, you have to first create a technorati account. Turns out Daniele already had one, but I went ahead and created a new one – a quick and painless process. Then you enter some info about your blog, submit it, and wait for something to happen magically … or so I thought. Actually, you have to go back to your profile page and click on the “Check Claim” button to continue the submission process.

When you click on the button, you are given a short code that is to be posted to the blog for verification. This part was not clearly explained in the previous step (either that or I just completely missed it), so good thing I decided to poke around a bit instead of just sitting back and waiting.

So now, that’s where I’m at. Here is the short code they gave me: 5YW6D43RSYDE

Let’s see what happens next!

Leather Doctor Bags … Examined

We just announced the arrival of the new Campomaggi doctor bag, which we called the Bellini (after the 17th century physician from Florence). Doctor bags were traditionally used by physicians for carrying their tools of the trade as they visited patients in their homes, or while traveling. Of course, they were originally made of leather Рas most still are today.  In my mind, I had pictured something like this:

A traditional doctor bag in leather
This is what I was talking about. A real, leather doctor's bag.

This one’s actually a prop that you can rent from a company called All About Props. It looks like something you’d see being used by an old, white-haired doctor with spectacles in a black and white film.

As I was researching leather doctor bags, however, I noticed that the term “doctor bag” is being used quite liberally these days. Haute designers such as Prada and Versace have designed handbags for women that really have nothing to do with the traditional doctor bags, and are calling them doctor bags. I suppose that has the benefit of sounding sophisticated, if more than a bit misleading.

Two models with small handbags
Doctor bags by Prada. What would you think if your doc showed up with a bag like this?
Versace's doctor bag
Versace. Yes, it is a bag and does have handles. I guess that qualifies it as a doctor bag.

Well, after sifting through hundreds of so-called doctor bags, I came to the realization that if I were looking for a real, vintage-looking, awe-inspiring doctor bag, the pickings are slim to none.

Until now.

Enter the doctor bag by Campomaggi – I would love to talk about how beautiful it is, but instead I think I will just let the bag speak for itself. And it will.

BELLINI doctor bag by Campomaggi
BELLINI doctor bag by Campomaggi (Distressed Olive Brown)

2011 Festa Coloniale Italiana

We had a lot of fun at the Festa Coloniale Italiana in San Francisco this past weekend. It was our first time participating in an event like this, and other than the hairy moment we had when the wind just about blew our tent away, we had a fantastic time meeting and chatting with fellow lovers of fine handmade Italian goods.

Elephant Keychains
Giann's elephant keychain was simply irresistible!

The runaway winner of the festa was Giann’s Elefante Italian leather elephant keychain – it was sold out by mid-day and people just could not help but comment on how cute it is! But then again, the entire keychain rack seemed to elicit incessant cries of “ooh”s and “ahh”s throughout the day!

Another product that got a lot of attention was Campomaggi’s distressed doctor bag. People seemed to be drawn but it, and many were¬† gawking at this bag, seemingly transfixed in some altered state of mind. We just got these bags in so I don’t even have a photo to post yet … but for now, you’ll just have to take my word for it. It’s drool-worthy.

Anyway, thanks to all those who stopped by our booth, and we hope to see you again at the next event (TBD)!!