Marcopoloni to Donate Proceeds to Japan Relief Efforts

“starting 5pm PDT on April 19, and through midnight PDT on May 8, Marcopoloni will donate 5% of net proceeds from our online sales to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through”

Any natural disaster that destroys lives and livelihoods is horrific, but the recent earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan hit me really close to home. I was born in Tokyo, and my relatives are all there, living in and around Tokyo. I also have close friends there as well. When the disaster struck, it took us a couple of long worrisome days before we were able to ascertain the whereabouts of our loved ones.

Like many people, I felt like hopping on the next plane to Japan – to hand out supplies, to be a shoulder to cry on, to do anything I can to help. But reality is that the best way to help is by donating to support the folks who are already on the ground doing these things, professionally. So we donated what we could.

But still, I was left with that feeling of wanting to do more.  I felt guilty eating three hot meals a day and sleeping under my down comforter when the people in the shelters were so thankful for the small ration of rice balls and using curtains as make-shift blankets.

Baby Girl Rescued from Tsunami Rubble
This photo made me cry. A baby girl miraculously rescued from the rubble three days after the tsunami.

That is why starting 5pm PDT on April 19, and through midnight PDT on May 8, Marcopoloni will donate 5% of net proceeds from our online sales to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund through We are limited in what we can do, but as the Japanese people say, “even dust can amass to become a mountain.” Thank you for helping us help a people in need, and for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.

Searched for Bags in my Hometown and Found Maxima

Last time I went to Italy to spend some time with my mom she suggested that we do some artisan hunting in our hometown of Milan. I thought that was a great idea because one of the reasons why I devoted my life to promoting the products of highly skilled artisans is that I am always pained when I see an artisan close up shop. In the small street where I grew up there used to be a Bonera outlet where we would buy our leather goods and luggage and I got to know the artisan that worked in the back–until it closed just a few years ago. Bonera is still around, of course, but that little island of authenticity is gone.

Ready to do our part to buck this trend, we made a plan. To come up with a list of places to visit, we made sure to ask all of our friends for suggestions and did ample research. Armed with a beefy enough list of artisans to visit, one early morning we set out on our walking tour of Milan, unsure of what it would yield.

Most places we visited were very interesting, but the right combination of handmade quality, design, prices, and ability to carry out International transactions, quickly made it look like finding someone with whom to do business was going to be a challenge. I was starting to think that finding the right fit would be very hard and that I might not have anything to show for my working marathon. Then, luckily, I came upon Maxima. Once I entered the wholesale outlet, I met Tina who was very nice and showed me all the latest models and described the craftsmanship and inspiration behind their products.

I normally take my time before placing orders and would never buy handbags without my wife’s input. But I really liked what I saw and like the story behind Maxima bags so much that I decided to take a plunge. I bought six handbags, stuffed my suitcase and got on my plane back to San Francisco the next day. We have just finished posting them to our web site and am very curious to hear what you think. Let me know!

No Sales Tax

If you live in California you will welcome the news that starting last Friday the shopping cart no longer displays the message: “All orders shipping to California
will be charged the appropriate sales tax.” That’s because we no longer charge sales tax to California customers!

If you go through our shopping cart when placing an order, even if the ship-to address is in California, you will no longer see the row for California Sales Tax and the related charge. Of course, we continue to pay sales tax as sales tax is included in the price where applicable.

The perfect wallet for your back pocket!


My husband loses everything. He’s also very difficult in taste, very traditional and conservative, and after he lost his wallet again I took the opportunity to get him to try something different.

We started out by thinking about what he needs to carry in his wallet: a bunch of credit/business cards, some cash and his ID. He also needs a wallet to be thin since it has the strange habit of collecting useless receipts – tons of them –  and if he had a wallet that is bulky to begin with I could only imagine how it would end up!

At first, he was looking at the LIRA – Men’s Italian Leather Wallet with Privacy ID Flap, which he really liked because of its clear view window for the ID.

Then I showed him another wallet from Dionigi, the QUATTRINI – Men’s Nylon and Leather Wallet. I pointed out how it is slightly smaller than the LIRA, is slim to begin with, and has a good number of card slots. This wallet really has everything my husband needs, plus it’s a little more modern and younger looking which I like!

He was up for trying it … I couldn’t believe it! I actually let the excitement carry me away a little since I then tried to convince him to get it in blue. I should have known that such a suggestion would not going anywhere! Too bad because I really think the blue one is cute, especially for the sporty, always-in-jeans type of guy.

Well, my husband usually never likes clothes or accessories that are designed in a way that is different from how you would commonly expect them to be. He had always owned a traditional-style black leather wallet before. This new design was already a huge step forward for him!

He has been using it for a few months now and he is happy with it. We recently found out the best feature of all: no more tracking down lost wallets at the movie theatre or restaurants, not to mention digging through our couch and in our cars —  because the textured nylon makes this wallet less likely to slip out from my husband’s back pocket. It’s like the wallet is slip-proof!!!

Of course I’m not saying that the QUATTRINI (or its brother SPICCIOLI – Nylon and Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket) is a loss-proof wallet or that it won’t ever slip out – especially if you are dealing with a man like my husband! – but I would definitely recommend it to all you men who carry your wallet in the back pocket of your pants!