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Un Gelato al Bacio e allo Zabaglione for My Birthday

Everybody pretended to have forgotten about my birthday, but it was to surprise me with some gelato. The surprise, and finding artisanal gelato allo zabaglione begs the question: “when is my birthday again?”

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What a great surprise it was.

Today I turned 39 and I went to the office where my birthday was officially forgotten. Then, when I had lost all hope of any birthday treats, I got called into a meeting that turned out to be a meeting about the announcement that we were about to go to Cafe` Campbell for some gelato. Because it’s my birthday, of course.

Well, I don’t scream for ice cream but I do scream for real gelato. And Cafe` Campbell offers the kind of selection of gelato that I got used to when I lived in Italy. They even offer my favorite flavors: bacio and cocco. But today I found something that I could not pass up: zabaglione (a.k.a. zabaione). Zabaione is a simple Italian cake made with eggs, sugar, and Marsala: it is very hard to resist and this ice cream was delicious.

Zabaione is the kind of flavor that has to be handmade to be any good. And that is what made my day.

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