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To the Fair, and Beware!

I am now an outsider. Some of the things that are supposed to be obvious to all Italians are foreign to me. I loved the look of ATM guy who was trying to explain the meaning of the 1.60 Euro ticket. I think that he actually believed what he was saying.

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It’s our first day to the fair. Milan’s newer fair complex in Rho is truly gigantic and I haven’t been to a fair that filled it to capacity, yet. It is conveniently connected via metro and train, so we chose to take the metro. We buy enough tickets to last us through both fairs and were given tickets that appeared to be good in the entire city, plus the two extra stops to go from the edge of town to Rho. They cost 1.60 Euros instead of the 1 Euro cost for the regular ticket that lets you ride inside the city limits only.

So what did I find out on the last day of our stay in Milan? That those ATM tickets are only good on the line 1 of the Metro. That’s it! You can’t ride any buses or metro linesĀ 2 and 3 with that ticket. The ticket that lets you have it all is 2.60 Euro and there is a round trip ticket worth 2 rides for 4.00 Euros. Hint: for 2.65 Euro you can catch a train that only takes 15 minutes to Rho Fiera from stazione Centrale.
Gianni 1981
Once Gianni let us in at the fair we had access to all of the different pavillions, but, first things first, we went to catch up with our friends Gianni and Pina, checked out their new products, let them offer us an Illy espresso from the machine in the back of the booth, and exchange our stories of the year. I am particularly fascinated by Gianni’s experiences because he fell in love with leather when he was 20-years-old, created some bags, successfully tried to sell them from the back of his Vespa by touring from town to town around Italy. He never looked back.

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