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Polishing my old Affari

Every now and again leather really can use a little rejuvenation. We are very happy with Meltonian Leather Lotion for top grain vegetable tanned leather.

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Today I took a briefcase to work because I needed a little more space than my Colombo. Why, you ask? Because, I had to carry my knives to get them sharpened. Our neighbors sell knives and I haven’t sharpened my knives since I bought them seventeen years ago.

Since I hadn’t used my Affari in a while it had gotten a bit dusty and dull and I definitely would not be advertising the beauty of Italian vegetable tanned leather if I did not take the time to polish it a bit. So I wiped the dust off with a soft cloth and I applied ample quantities of Meltonian Leather Lotion, again using a soft cloth. We love the Meltonian Leather Lotion because it really helps leather regenerate nicely. Now I look at my black Affari and it looks great. I can’t say that it looks new because it has shaped a little bit around the things that I put in it and the leather is so much softer today than it was when it was new.

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