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Our Christmas Bestseller was the LIRA Italian Leather Wallet

The LIRA Privacy ID Italian Leather Wallet was Marcopoloni’s Christmas bestseller. Surprisingly, our customers picked the Dark Leather version over the black one almost 2 to 1.

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As the rush to get all the holiday orders shipped is nearing the end, I took a moment to look at what sold the most this Christmas season. I was surprised to find out that our best seller this year was not one of the new bags that are doing so well, but our always-popular LIRA Privacy ID Italian Leather Wallet.

Wallets were so popular this year that we will probably run out of the LIRA wallet soon. Since it is my job to forecast sales and plan inventory… I have to hand it to you: you exceeded my rosiest forecast.

For those of you that now have an authentic Italian leather wallet waiting for you under the tree, I feel like spoiling the surprise a bit: there is a 64% chance that it is dark leather.  This also surprised me a little. In the past, the split between dark leather and black was closer to even.

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