True Artisanship

One-of-a-kind Cappuccino

the value of quality handmade products comes from attention to details and years of honing a skill. You have to know quality to be able to judge quality.

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Today I had a moment when the meaning of handmade became a little clearer.

My wife loves cappuccino and I felt like cutting back a bit. So I thought that increasing her portion a little and reducing mine a lot while at the same time reducing the overall production just a tad would accomplish the goal and go unnoticed.

But I had forgotten a small detail.

Years of perfecting the perfect cups of cappuccino for two using our stove top espresso maker had paid off. And years of daily training of my customer number one had developed quite a connoisseur! She told me exactly what was different without a hint of criticism… But perhaps she would have appreciated some notice before I went in and messed with a good thing.

To me, this section of the blog, is about the attention to details and how details matter to those who can tell the difference. At Marcopoloni we really strive to pay attention to details and I really hope that our customers notice.

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