True Artisanship

One customer at a time

We get most of our orders online, and it is rare that I get to interact directly with a customer. But on Monday morning, while the rush to prepare orders was at its peak, I got to step up and help a customer with an exchange.

What a treat it was for me that he wanted to replace his Motorino with a Lucio. We named the Lucio after my father who, when I was a kid, used to carry a borsello, an executive clutch. I own a Lucio so I know the product inside out and I even had to come up with some of the specifications during the last redesign. I was able to warn the customer that a water bottle would not fit in the Lucio without causing it to bulge a lot. I told him that I carry my wallet, phone, keys, receipts, small diary, and pens and that the Lucio looks great sitting on a desk: it stands on its own..

After the customer got it, he took the time to thank me and tell me how pleased he was with his Lucio. That really made my day because helping people find a handmade product that suits them is what I set out to do.

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