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Issue Detected and Fixed. NOT! Or at Least: Not So Fast

So we recently upgraded to a newer web hosting plan to be able to take advantage of some nifty features included in wordpress. Everything was playing out smoothly for a few days and then the new server we were on got hit with a denial-of-service attack. So our web hosting company responded to the issue in a way that disrupted our ability to send e-mail from the web site (automated order confirmations), at first, and to browse certain pages the next day.

The first problem was bad: nobody could enter an order because the web site would blow up at the moment of submitting an order. Actually it wouldn’t blow up. It would gracefully display an error instead of the order confirmation. Our first response was to remove the offending code, but by the time we were done we could not load any pages in our intranet and our ability to fulfill orders was slowed to a crawl.

We do not like to be a pain in the neck. But finally we had to give up and ask to be moved to a new server. That worked well. We still ran into a few problems but fixing them was easy.

What a boring day! I was already tired, had to stay up late trying to fix and solve things, and my 2-year-old decided that 6am was to be the everybody’s get up time. I’m really looking forward to a goooood night sleep tonight!

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