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How Do You Create a Decent Video Review?

I know a few things: that I am not a very good presence on screen, that I speak in a boring monotone, that I make pathetically funny facial expressions when I am in front of the camera, and that I want to create video product reviews to help our customers find out more about our products before buying.

So what’s the solution? Throw money at it, of course.

As I often do when faced with a problem, spending a nice chunck of change always makes me FEEL that I am starting to solve the problem. Only to later realize that my plan for solving the problem is a little too grandiose and my money would have been better off staying put.

But this time is different.

I only spent a couple of hundred dollars on a small HD video camera. It already records in the desired file format and is supposed to be easy to move video to your PC and edit it.

So, now let’s wait for the camera to arrive and let’s hope that I will miracolously become a great presence on camera. You will be the judge.

P.S. I’m considering trying to be funny.

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One reply on “How Do You Create a Decent Video Review?”

While I wait for the camera to arrive, I felt that it would be a good idea to prepare myself by researching the subject of “how to shoot good product videos”. What I read today can be summarized with:

1) Plan your shots in advance so they edit together
2) Use a good, solid tripod
3) Light the shots as well as you can

Alright, let me go plan my first video.

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