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Our new Flip video camera: just a cool gadget or a floodgate for our business?

The new video camera has arrived earlier than expected, and it’s been providing us with some much-needed entertainment here at the office. As we fought over the little palm-sized device (smaller than the iPhone!), we’ve already come to love its simplicity and ease of use.

Here is a test video I shot of Daniele doing what he does best – finding silly geeky things to do during his lunch break. Today, it was testing some dictation software. Tomorrow, it will be coding an interactive recipe application.

But the big question still remains, “is this just another cool gadget, or could it possibly be the big thing that opens up a floodgate for our tiny business?” The reason for getting the device was to do video reviews of products that have unique features that are hard to describe with static images, such as our Snaplink key chain. Well, that, and it was Daniele’s birthday.

We hope this proves to be …  if not a floodgate, at least a floodgatino, or a little floodgate.  Time – and lots of amateur product videos – will only tell.

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By emi

A Japanese native, Emi "emi"-grated to the States when she was 5 years old. She has a passion for traveling, photography, and the beautiful sport of football (or soccer, to some).

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