Exquisite Murano Glass Pieces by Master Imperio Rossi

After weeks of anticipation, the Murano glass pieces we had ordered have finally arrived.

And the verdict?

They are absolutely incredible. I mean, we knew that – after all, we fell in love with his work when we came across them this summer. But seeing all of the masterpieces in person, again reminded us as to why we decided to work with Maestro Rossi in the first place. His work is unique – even in the highly artistic, tremendously exclusive trade of Murano glasswork, his work seems to stand out in some way. Plus, his is a family-run business, and we immediately felt a connection there as well.

I can’t wait to showcase his work on our website. We feel truly fortunate to have found him.

For now, here is a little glimpse into the world of Maestro Rossi’s Murano glass …

Murano Glass Christmas Ornament with Murrina Fantasia
Murano Glass Christmas Ornament with Murrina Fantasia

Leather iPad Bag

The iPad was announced in January 2010. That’s when we got to work on developing a bag that would make a really elegant iPad bag. Today we are pleased to announce that the FRECCIA Leather iPad Bag is in stock and available for sale.

First, we decided to give the iPad a comfortable home and we built the bag around the idea that the iPad would sit in a protected pocket and the pocket would be big enough to fit the iPad even when covered by a tight protective sleeve.

Next we figured that people want to carry more than the iPad with them once they put it in a crossbody bag. So we asked iPad users what they would like to carry with their iPad and what they would like their bags to look like. The responses pointed to carrying a lot of stuff and suggested making the bag look like a vertical messenger bag with a long shoulder strap. So we designed two bags: the one that we chose and a large bag that reminded a lot of people of those airline promotional bags of the early 80’s. I liked that version, but I have to admit that the one that made the cut was a lot more appealing.

So we made a last round of suggestions to Antonio and Vincenzo and placed our first order in July. The bags arrived in October and our job was just beginning. I wrote the product description by trying to put myself in the shoes of an iPad. If you do not like what we came up with, I assure you that it could have been a lot worse. Then it came time to pick a name. We wanted something fast and contemporary while at the same time stylish and classic. FRECCIA, insipired by the Frecciarossa high speed train, means arrow. Arrows are classic, fast objects and the Frecciarossa is modern, fast and comfortable.

A lot of thought went into this bag. And it paid us back by selling the same day it went up on the site. Something that almost never happens around here.