Artistic Florentine Leather Goods by Piero and Maurizio

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Artistic Florentine Leather Goods

The Peroni brothers - third generation leather craftsmen - own one of the last remaining workshops in Florence that produces artistic "cuoietto Fiorentino", a leather-working and decorating technique that first emerged in the 10th century. Though the entire process is too complex to elaborate here, the vegetable-tanned leather is soaked in water, then dried and shaped with molds to achieve the characteristic rigidity without the use of stitches. Each item is then hand-painted to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

To own a Peroni item is to own a piece of Florence. Every touch brings you closer to the over millennium of history and traditions that go into this ancient Florentine art-form.

Fits eyeglasses and sunglasses
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BUSTINA Leather Business Card Holder in Briar Root Burl
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