WEEPING SAKURA - Cherry Blossom Tapestry (Narrow, Pink)

Size: Approx 11.75" x 59" Long
Each tapestry is hand-painted in Nara, Japan by Yoshioka-san herself. These tapestries are made of ramie, an extremely durable and lustrous fiber that is similar to linen, and often used in ultra-high-class designerwear clothing. Ramie, also called China grass, boasts a high resistance to bacteria, mildrew, rotting, and insect attacks, as well as a natural stain-resisting ability.
Comes in a gift/stow-away box and includes wooden hanging rods and a string (attached) - all you need to do is decide where it should hang!
(Item: JP-YY-LT13)

There are few images that symbolize the beauty of Japan better than "Sakura", or cherry blossoms. The Sakura is the national flower of Japan, and there are various types. The kind depicted in this tapestry is commonly called the Weeping Cherry, for its wispy, hanging branches. Get your Sakura tapestry today and enjoy your private "Hanami" (a cherry blossom viewing -a Japanese custom of welcoming the spring season) year-around!

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