Unique Wall and Home Decor by Mauro and Roby

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Mauro and Roby
Antatidee takes inspiration from Salvador Dali, the famous surrealist painter, but they also showcase their keen sense of humor in their fun, unique, and whimsical wall hooks, clocks, eyeglass stands and more. From Dali-inspired melting wall clocks to banana-shaped hangers and dripping shelves, these decorative accessories must be seen to be believed.
CAUGHT MY EYES eyeglasses stand
On Sale! $69.00 $35.00
BAFFONI black mustache wall hook
On Sale! $39.00 $18.00
Metallic Gold
On Sale! $37.00 $28.00
APPENNELLO - Paint Brush Hook in Glossy Red
On Sale! $75.00 $55.00
DITENDINO finger wall hook, matte black
On Sale! $25.00 $19.00
PERDITEMPO - Waste of Time Wall Clock White/Black
On Sale! $235.00 $165.00
DRIPPING SHELF Wall Shelf with Hooks in Glossy Red
On Sale! $198.00 $68.00
STILL WET Jeans Clock
On Sale! $388.00 $98.00
On Sale! $198.00 $88.00
Matte Black
On Sale! $238.00 $135.00
Glossy Red
On Sale! $75.00 $36.00
VITENDINO Single Screw Wall Hook in Matte Black
On Sale! $39.00 $18.00
Hanging ballet shoes wall clock
On Sale! $225.00 $88.00
COOL CAT Eyeglasses Stand (sunglasses not included!)
On Sale! $60.00 $32.00
DOG ATE MY CLOCK in matte black
On Sale! $178.00 $98.00
FLIPPENDINO Middle Finger Wall Hook in Glossy Red
On Sale! $135.00 $65.00
HUNGOVER wine glass wall hook in metallic silver
On Sale! $98.00 $29.00
KISS MY BUTT-DIAL -  Phone Stand
On Sale! $75.00 $29.00
LION PAW Phone Stand in Glossy Gold
On Sale! $75.00 $29.00
OROTTOLOGIO Breaking Clock Gold
On Sale! $275.00 $165.00
PALLONDINO - Tennis Ball Wall Hook
On Sale! $35.00 $24.00
SCREW BOOKS! Screw-shaped bookends in matte black
On Sale! $195.00 $68.00
SPLATTER Paint Splatter Wall Clock in Glossy Red
On Sale! $225.00 $88.00
Matte Black
On Sale! $185.00 $58.00
On Sale! $425.00 $65.00