TROPICALE - Murano Glass Tropical Fish Sculpture

Weight: 4 lbs. 15 oz. (2,2 Kg.)
Size: 8"H x 10"W x 6"D

Although Master Imperio Rossi is usually the Maestro, when it comes to sculptures Master Mario Costantini takes over and Maestro Imperio Rossi assumes the role of main helper (Servente). The Fusione line of Murano glass products is a unique expression of Maestro Costantini's artistic style. Small "Murrina" pieces are fused together to form a colorful glass pattern. When you admire a genuine Murano glass artwork created by Maestro Costantini and his team, you can see and feel his creativity mixed with a thousand years of tradition and mastery come to life.

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You can literally sit and watch Maestro Mario Costantini work for hours as it is fascinating to see how he can handle hot glass and tame it into the desired shape. What is even more interesting is watching his products over the years. They keep on getting better.

His skill in sculpting glass, something that he has been doing since 1970, is not only the result of experience, but also the expression of a deep talent surrounded by a passion for the art. This combination is evident in the tropical fish. There is a myriad of details that have been learned and that are implemented quickly, on the first draft. There are no erasers and you can't take your time because the glass will cool down and the finished product needs to be stored in the cooling oven before it has cooled too much, usually in a matter of many minutes but not hours. There are extremely few people in the world that can make a glass tropical fish like this. The TROPICALE is an extremely unique work of art that needs to be admired and contemplated.

Each glass sculpture is certified with the Vetro Artistico® Murano mark, which guarantees it as having been made on the island of Murano using traditional techniques of Master Muranese glassmakers. It also bears the signature of Master Costantini, its creator.

  • Sculpted by Master Glassblower Mario Costantini in Murano, Italy
  • Tropical fish sculpture in vibrant blue/green/aqua tone colors
  • Signature of artist, Maestro Mario Costantini is etched into the tail fin
  • Vetro Artistico┬« Murano tamper-proof seal of authenticity
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