TACHIBINA - Girls Festival Hand-Painted Japanese Tapestry (Large)

Size: 13.8"x47.2"
Each tapestry is hand-painted in Nara, Japan by Yoshioka-san herself. These tapestries are made of ramie, an extremely durable and lustrous fiber that is similar to linen, and often used in ultra-high-class designerwear clothing. Ramie, also called China grass, boasts a high resistance to bacteria, mildrew, rotting, and insect attacks, as well as a natural stain-resisting ability.
Comes in a gift/stow-away box and includes wooden hanging rods and a string (attached) - all you need to do is decide where it should hang!
SALE! $65.00
(Item: JP-YY-LT04)

"Hina-Matsuri" literally translates to "Doll's Festival", but symbolically equates to Girls' Festival. It happens each year on the third of March, and not only marks a change of season, but also is a day of celebration for the nurture of girls and their future happiness. The display of special dolls during this festival is an age-old tradition - and the two most important dolls are depicted here in this artwork.

The peach blossoms portrayed in the tapestry also have significance. Traditionally, March 3 was known as the "Peach" seasonal holiday, and peach blossoms are said to have the power to ward off evil sipirits … which surely can't be a bad thing!

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