SCREWED UP - Bent Screw Double Wall Hook

Size: Exterior: Approx. 8.25"H x 2.75"W x 3"D
(Item: IT-AN-HD1024)

Let's face it. We all screw up. But when you screw up so bad that the screw comes back out of the wall don't panic: it will make a great coat and hat hanger! It's already embedded in the wall anyway, so don't worry about durability. Watch your guests' expressions when they realize what their coats were hanging on!

  • Sculpted out of durable resin
  • Two hooks serve even people who wear a heavy coat, scarf, and hat
  • Inspired design marries captivating appearance with solid performance
  • Antartidee logo

SCREWED UP - You can mount it screwed down if you really want to screw it up, but then your coats and hats might fall off.

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