OTTICA - Leather Eyeglasses Case

Weight: 3 oz. (85 g.)
Size: 2"H x 6.5"W x 2.5"D

Artistic Florentine Leather Goods

The Peroni brothers - third generation leather craftsmen - own one of the last remaining workshops in Florence that produces artistic "cuoietto Fiorentino", a leather-working and decorating technique that first emerged in the 10th century. Though the entire process is too complex to elaborate here, the vegetable-tanned leather is soaked in water, then dried and shaped with molds to achieve the characteristic rigidity without the use of stitches. Each item is then hand-painted to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

To own a Peroni item is to own a piece of Florence. Every touch brings you closer to the over millennium of history and traditions that go into this ancient Florentine art-form.

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(Item: IT-PE-1495)

We are used to top quality Italian leather. We even know about some special techniques to make it even more attractive and durable. We did not think that we would come across something that steps it up a notch.

Yet we did. It only takes about a second to understand that Peroni has devised a technique that sets them apart from everyone else. Like the best of their peers they use only the best Tuscan leather... you have heard that before. But the way they create a hardened object out of a single sheet of leather is special and it results in some very refined products.

The eyeglasses case is a perfect example of this superior technique: no stitching and perfect fit make the OTTICA an extremely luxurious accessory that embarrasses all those super expensive brand name products that you see elsewhere.

We are extremely proud of the OTTICA because it is one of those products that really defines the essence of Marcopoloni: handmade by inspiring artisans, you can feel the soul of Maurizio, Piero, Marco and the rest of the family, only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and a connection with the Florentine artistic tradition.

Personally, as I now need to carry reading glasses with me, I will be happy to do so with this case. I wish I could describe how it feels to the touch and the memories its smell evokes.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful Semi-Hard Glass Case

- By Mark, Chicago IL
Peroni is known for this type of leather: It's finished like fine wood, but it's soft and semi-pliable. That is, it's hard enough to guard glasses, but it has some 'give' as well, so it feels personal; it can be put in a bag between items, etc. It closes quite securely, but opens easily. And the leather has a beautiful sheen and feel. A real beauty of an item!