Alessandro and Nicola

What: Authentic Italian leather shoes and accessories
Hometown: Montepulciano (Tuscany)

About Alessandro and Nicola

Authentic Italian Craftsmanship

At Maledetti Toscani, traditional craftsmanship means the Old World way - made by hand, in Tuscany, using ancient artisanal techniques and only the best quality leather.

The Quadri family, which has run Maledetti Toscani for five generations since 1848, takes pride in honesty and integrity. An intense drive for authenticity inspires them. Other makers of leather goods have outsourced production phases to China, finishing the products in Italy and still using the 'Made in Italy' label. Maledetti Toscani takes great care to not only keep every production phase under their watchful eye in Tuscany, but to treat each leatherworker with respect and use environmentally friendly processes every step of the way.

This philosophy is disappearing as the drive for short-term gains in profits leads to mass-production of low quality goods and exploitation of workers. Maledetti Toscani rejects this movement, striving to defend the true 'Made in Italy.' Maledetti Toscani – reflecting this fighting spirit – translates to 'Damned Tuscans!'

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