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Il Bisonte is a “casual chic” brand with a discreetly luxurious feel, founded by Wanny Di Filippo in 1970 in the heart of Florence. The name, “Il Bisonte”, and the logo were chosen because he has a special appreciation for bisons - a symbol of peace, freedom and strength.

Il Bisonte products are not just made in Italy - they are handcrafted in Florence, Tuscany. The entire production is characterized by passion for craftsmanship, as each working phase is entrusted only to expert hands - from the cutting of the leather to the hand sewing of details. Every piece of Il Bisonte creation is meticulously checked to meet their exceedingly high quality standard.

Not surprisingly, Il Bisonte’s material of choice is Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather, often regarded as the best leather in the world. Tuscan tanning experts turn cowhide into soft, aromatic leather, using traditional processes that have been handed down through the generations. Each resulting piece of leather is unique, just like each one of us. And with the passing of time and loving use, an Il Bisonte product changes along with us - absorbing our life experiences, and acquiring a golden patina of deeper, warmer tones.

Today, the Il Bisonte mark is recognized around the world as a symbol of unconventional creativity and understated elegance. It embodies authentic, timeless beauty that acquires value with the passing of time.

Photo Gallery

Il Bisonte - Marco checks leather
Il Bisonte -Vincenzo cutting leather
Il Bisonte A.1 Before
Il Bisonte A.2 After
Il Bisonte B1 Before
Il BIsonte B2 After